Gun fire

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These rules are for firing or using ranged weapons of many types.

Actions (and how many attacks) you may make are determined by class type (Actions in the character generation section)

Each Character may have a ranged combat training type:

Special Forces

- see Rifter #11 (Page 17-21)

These will give bonuses and abilities as you level up similar to HTH Combat Training

Weapon Proficiency and PP bonuses apply to this training as they do to HTH Combat Training

Ranged Weapons will be designated as follows:

Single Fire (Single Action Revolver, Bolt Action Rifle, Bow, Crossbow)

Semi-Automatic (Most Pistols like the M1911 and Rifles like the AR-15)

Automatic (Autocannons and machine guns)

Gatling Gun (Mini Guns)

One squeeze of the trigger will typically cost 1 action barring special instances (extended bursts, aiming, etc)

Note - ignore the "Standard Rates of Fire" section in the Rifter article as each weapon will list it's Rate of Fire

To hit numbers - When firing a weapon the range the target is at will affect your ability to hit it.

Unaided (Such as firing a handgun or rifle)

Short range: <10m/30ft - 5+
medium range: 10-100m/30-300ft - 8+
100m/300ft+: 12+

Aided (targeting systems ie cyborgs, power armour, cybernetics/bionics)

Short range: <100m/300ft - 5+
Medium Range: 100-500m/300-1800ft - 8+
Long range: 500m/1800ft+ - 12+

Vehicle (targeting systems ie Robot Vehicles, full combat vehicles like Tanks)

Short range: <250m/900ft - 5+
Medium Range: 250-1000m/900-3500ft - 8+
Long range: 1000m/3500ft+ - 12+

Called shots attempting to hit a specific area are a single action but at a penalty

Short Range: -3
Medium Range: -4
Long Range: -5

Aimed shots grant a +3 bonus but take 2 actions

Small targets are a -3 penalty to strike (head, hand, foot, etc)

Very Small targets are a -5 penalty to strike (finger, elbow, knee, etc)

Large targets are at no penalty (arm, leg, turret, etc)

(these can will be expanded upon for better understanding as to what a small, very small, and large target is based on what is firing)

Shooting wild is a penalty to strike of -6 while shooting blind is -10

You may also fire beyond effective range:

1-1.5x effective range : -2 penalty to strike
1.5-2x effective range: -5 penalty to strike
2-3x effective range : -10 penalty to strike
3-5x effective range : -15 penalty to strike

5x effective range is the maximum a character can fire a weapon

Hitting a moving target:

Target is -1 to strike if moving up to 20mph (32kph) and an additional -1 to strike for every 20 mph (32kph above that). A target, for example, moving at 80mph (128kph) would be a penalty of -4 to be hit.

Firing while moving:

When firing from a moving vehicle the attacker is at a -1 to strike while traveling over flat terrain, -3 to strike over rough terrain, and -6 over very rough terrain (essentially firing wild)

Burst fire grants a +1 bonus to strike but cannot be aimed. Autocannons/machine guns grant and additional +1 (+2 total) to strike from a higher volume of fire while gatling guns grant an additional +2 (+3 total) from the even higher rate of fire.

Rounds/Blasts used a burst

Weapon Type - Short/Medium/Long/Full Melee

Semi Auto - 5/10/20/50
Auto------- 10/15/30/100
Gatling --- 20/50/150/500

Note Single fire weapons cannot burst fire

Burst fire will increase damage the weapon deals out. See the Ranged Combat training for what the multipliers are.

Automatic and gatling guns will increase those multipliers further due to their higher rates of fire.

Multiplier Increases:

Weapon Type - Short/Medium/Long/Full Melee

Auto - +1/+1/+2/+3
Gatling - +2/+2/+3/+4

Note the damage multiplier for any burst cannot be higher than the number of rounds in the burst. A good example of this would be the M-16A2 which has a preset 3 round burst mode. In this case the burst multiplier cannot be higher than increase beyond x3. An in game Example would be the C-12 laser rifle. It has a preset 5 shot burst mode meaning the multipleir could not go above x5.

Parrying/Dodging Hi-tech weapons, Modern weapons, and Arrows/Bolts:

Full dodge and parry bonuses apply to offset incurred penalties of ranged weapon attacks against you,

When unsure what Ranged Combat a class should have see below:

No HTH Training/HTH Basic = RCT Rogue
HTH Expert = RCT Infantry
HTH Martial = RCT Special Forces
HTH Assassin = RCT Sniper
HTH Commando = RCT Special Forces or Sniper

  • this is for non redone/rewritten classes. Rewritten classes will specify what their training is

To increase the RCT level see below:

Rogue - Infantry = 1 other skill
Rogue - Special Forces = 2 other skills
Rogue - Sniper = 3 other skills

Infantry - Special Forces = 1 other skill
Infantry - Sniper = 2 other skills

Special Forces - Sniper = 1 other skill

Sniper - Special Forces no cost

Missiles have rules in addition to the above ranged combat rules. See the section on missiles for those rules.

Optional Random Hit Location Table

Roll a d20 to determine hit location.

Humanoid Targets (Robot vehicles, Power Armour, etc)

Right Arm 1-3
Right Leg 4-6
Main Body 7-14
Left Leg 15-17
Left Arm 18-20

Any other Location is a called shot. This includes Wings on flying units that have them.

Note - for non humanoid targets roll 1d20 again designated limbs and such as odds or evens when doing so to determine the specific location hit.


Tracks/Wheels 1-5
Main Body 6-15
Primary Weapon/Turret 16-20

Any other Location is a called shot.

Note - roll a die equivalent to the number of wheels/tracks on the vehicle for the specific one hit.

Traditional Aircraft

Tail/Engines 1-4
Right Wing 5-8
Main body 9-14
Left Wing 15-18
Nose/Cockpit 19-20

Any other Location is a called shot.

Non-Traditional Aircraft (Sky Cycles, Sky King, Rocket bikes)

Stabilizers (Tailfins, Winglets, etc) 1-3
Main Body 4-15
Engines 16-20

Any other Location is a called shot.

Note - roll a die equivalent to the number of stabilizers the vehicle has for the specific one hit.

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