A street bike to the core these can be seen across the domain of man in the various cities and burbs, in the hands of the more well to do denizens of these areas. These trikes are even starting to see a bit of an export market over to the New German Republic.

Model Type - Rivet

Class - High Speed Trike

Crew - 1

MDC By Location

Main Body - 50

Engine - 40

Wheels/Tires (3) - 20 ea

AR - 6


Ground - 480kph

Range - 400km on gasoline, 350 electric, 4 weeks normal use on solid oxide


Height - 1m

Length - 4.8m

Width - 1.8m

Weight - 200kg

Cargo - minimal pilots belongings

Power System - gasoline, electric or solid oxide

Cost - 75 000 gasoline, 120 000 electric or 600 000 solid oxide


Any infantry weapon short of a railgun can be mounted by skilled operator. weapons will require an eclip for power as the Rivet is not designed to power weapons.

Systems of Note

Standard Information Package

Inertial mapping navigation system

References Used

Northern gun One and Two

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