Play the heavy armoured walking Destroids and nimble Veritechs of the Earth forces, or the bounding Pods of the Zentraedi using a mofied set of rules for Battletech Alpha Strike.

UEDF Data Cards

VF-1 Valkyrie -

YF-4 Prototype -

MBR-04 Tomahawk -

MBR-07 Spartan -

SDR-04 Phalanx -

ADR-04 Defender -

HWR-00 Monster -

Cat's Eye Recon -

F-203 Dragon II -

MiM-31 Karyovin -

AH-68 Comanchero -

Pilots of Note -

(The cards below will be replaced with proper pages at some point)

Excalibur Mk I (Regular) -

Excalibur Mk I (Veteran) -

Gladiator Mk I (Regular) -

Gladiator Mk I (Veteran) -

Zentraedi Data Cards

Regult and Variants -

Recovery Pod -

Glaug -

Gnerl -

Nousjaduel-Ger -

Queadluun-Rau -

Zentraedi Infantry -

Pilots of Note -

Rules and Rules Changes

Battltech Alpha Strike Quickstart Rules - (For air (#a) or vtol (#v) movement modifiers use the same "available movement" chart as normal ground movement giving vtol movement a extra +1 similar to Jumping)

New Aircraft Movement -

Combat Changes -

Add-on Upgrade Cards -

Pilot Cards -

Formation guidelines -

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