Submersible yatch

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Model Type - Seatronics PCS-05

Class - Pleasure craft submersible

Crew - 20 +30 Passengers

SDC By Location

Main hull - 6000

Conning Tower - 1500

Propulsion units (2) - 3000 ea

Manuevering Fins (4) - 600ea

AR - 10

Armour - Stops up to and including the equivalent of standard 15mm rounds.

(For MDC games divide SDC by 3)


Surface - 30 kph

Submerged - 40kph

Range - unlimited but has 1 month worth of consumables on board


Height - 20m

Length - 120m

Width - 12m

Weight - 125 tons loaded

Cargo - 100 tons

Power System - nuclear

Cost - 100 million dollars (divide by 10 for credits in Rifts)

Systems of Note

Standard instrumentation - Speedometer, distance travelled, inertial mapping system (zeroed on your deployment location/home base), power system temperature, ammunition counters, damage assessment indicators.

Motion detector/Collision Warning System

Radar - Can identify and track upto 96 targets simultaneously to a range of 50 miles (80km) for airborne targets and 15 miles (24km) for ground targets depending on terrain.

Radio Communications - long-range direction communication systems out to a range of 600 miles (960km) that can be boosted if proper singal towers or relay systems are in place. Also a directional short-range radio with a range of 15 miles (24km). Both radios have full encryption capabilities. Also included is a external loudspeaker system with an output of 90 decibels.

5 star hotel kitchen and guest accomodations

Swimmig pool

Various recreational items like deck chairs/tables etc.

Escape pods - enough for full crew and passengers complement.

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