The T-X is a model of Terminator produced by Skynet in the future. One model of this unit was dispatched by Skynet into the past in order to terminate John Connor. The T-X ultimately failed in its attempts to destroy the Tech-Com resistance leader.

With the success of the mimetic polyalloy T-1000 Series, Skynet continued to develop its liquid metal technology, this time combining it with an advanced endoskeleton, similar in shape and structure to that of the Series 900. The resultant T-X Series is stronger, faster, more intelligent, and more deadly than any of Skynet's other battle units, effectively making them redundant.

Due to the T-X's default form being that of a young female, John Connor dubbed the T-X the "Terminatrix".

Model Type - Terminator

Class - Series T-X

SDC By Location

Head 400

Eyes (2) 100

Jaw 120

Body 900

Arms (2) 380

Hands (2) 100

Fingers (10) 50

Legs (2) 600

Feet (2) 150

Toes/Heel (12) 70

AR - 14 (vehicle AR)

Armour - Stops all standard handgun rounds and upto and including 12.7/.50cal rifle rounds. Explosive and ramjet rounds are still effective.


Running - Character SPD of 80

Leaping - same as character leaping


Height - approx 6ft

Length - approx 1ft

Width - approx 2ft 6inches, (this is in a basic humanoid form)

Weight - 200kg

PS - Andoid PS 36

Power System - Hydrogen Power cell


Weapon Type - Plasma Gun (later reconfigured to a flamethrower)

Primary Purpose - Anti-infantry

Range - 600m (200m as a flamethrower)

Damage - 4d6x10, 1d6x10 as a flamethrower

Rate Of Fire - 3 per melee (equal to attacks per melee as a flamethrower)

Payload - effectively unlimited

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - Buzz saw

Primary Purpose - anti-armour

Range - melee

Damage - 1d6x10 armour piercing

Rate Of Fire - equal to attacks per melee

Payload - na

Bonuses - na

Bonuses and Penalties

Attack Per Melee - 8

Lift - 18000lbs, Carry - 9000lbs

Punch - 2d6x10, Kick - 3d6x10, Body Block - 1d6x10, Restrained Punch - 6d6

+3 Initiative

+7 Strike HTH

+4 Strike Ranged

+6 Parry

+6 Dodge

+3 pull punch

+3 roll with punch/impact

+2 disarm

Systems of Note

Nueral Net Processor with read and write capabilities

Basic Audio System

Modulating Voice Synthesizer

Advanced Robot Optic System


Telescopic Vision

All Modern Weapon Proficiencies at 6th level

Speak American/English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese 98%, Read/Write American/English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese 98%, Biology 98%, Anatomy 98%, Psychology 98%, Tracking (people) 80%, Impersonation 70%, Basic Electronics 98%, Basic Mechanics 98%, Pilot Automobile, Motorcycle, Truck, Boats (any), Tanks & APCs, Construction Vehicles, Helicopters, Aircraft (any) 98%

Covered with mimetic polyalloy

Morphing ability - Can morph its outer mimetic covering to replicate any person they encounter. This is limited to people with approximately the units own dimensions

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Terminator Wikia

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