The Skull Bike is a heavy bike that can operate in most open terrain environments though it will have difficulty in rough terrain. It s durable and to some it can be intimidating due to its skull design. It is popular with many a burb gang across North America.

Model Type - Skull Bike

Class - Heavy Motorcycle

Crew - 1

MDC By Location

Main Body - 60

Forks - 20

Engine - 40

Wheels (2) - 20 ea

AR - 6


Ground - 200 kph

Range - 300km on gasoline, 275km on electric, 4 weeks normal use on solid oxide


Height - 1.3m

Length - 3m

Width - 0.4m

Weight - 200kg

Cargo - none

Power System - gasoline, electric, or solid oxide

Cost - 45 000 gasoline, 74 000 electric or 450 000 solid oxide


Any infantry weapon short of a railgun can be mounted by skilled operator. weapons will require an eclip for power as the Skull Bike is not designed to power weapons.

Systems of Note

Standard information package (speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge etc)

Inertial mapping navigaton system

References Used

Northern Gun One and Two

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