Background (Written by MacKenzie Coker)



Alignment: Any but prefer good (Evil Rangers are very rare but do exist. They are usually expelled once discovered)

Race: Any but is typical humanoid 6-7 feet tall

OCC Skills:

Cruptography (+10%)

Radio: Basic (+15%)

Radio: Scramblers (+15%)

Surveillance Systems (+15%)

Basic Electronics (+15%)

Detect Concealment (+15%)

Detect Ambush(+ 15%)

Intelligence (+10%)

Tracking: People (+10%)

Wilderness Survival (+10%)

Basic Mechanics (+10%)

Athletics: General


Pilot: Small Starship (+15%)

Pilot: Power Armour (+15%)

Power Armour Combat Elite: Space Ranger Power Armour

Power Armour Combat Basic

Navigation (+15%)

Read Sensory Equipment (+10%)

Weapon Systems (+10%)

Law: Galactic (+20%)

W.P.: Energy Pistol

W.P.: Energy Rifle

Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

Hand to Hand: Martial Arts can be changed to Assassin if of aberrant alignment at the cost of one "other" skill.

OCC Related Skills:

Select eight other skills, plus select two at level four, two at level seven, and one at levels ten and twelve. All new skills start at level one proficiency.

Communications: Any (+5%)

Domestic: Any

Electrical: Any

Espionage: Any (+5%)

Mechanical: None

Medical: First aid and paramedic only (+5%)

Military: Any

Physical: Any

Pilot: Any (+10%)

Pilot Related: Any (+10%)

Rogue: Any (+5%)

Science: Any

Technical: Any (+5%)

W.P.: Any

Wilderness: Any

Secondary Skills:

The character also gets to select five secondary skills. Add one at levels three, six, nine, and twelve

Standard Equipment:

Heavy energy pistol of choice, heavy energy rifle of choice, six grenades of choice, hand computer with criminal files database, Space Ranger Power Armour, and Star Command Patrol Ship.

Additional Equipment:

Clothing of various types, survival rations and equipment in case of a ship crash. Otherwise the ship's stores should be able to keep the ranger in good shape and condition.


3D6x100 credits.


May have cybernetic systems but does not start with any.

References used


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