Attack scooter


Taking a page from the French in World War II, this scooter was designed as a quick scouting vehicle with a bite.

Model Type - Stinger Scooter

Class - Attack Scout Scooter

Crew - 1

SDC By Location

Main Body - 120

Front Shield - 76

Engine - 80

Wheels - 30ea

Cannon - 75

Ammo Canisters (3) - 50ea

Kickstand - 20

AR - 7

Armour - Stops upto and including the equivalent standard 7.62mm rifle rounds


Ground - 90kph

Range - 300km


Height - 0.865m

Length - 1.78m

Width - 0.745m

Weight - 125kg fully loaded

Cargo - Saddlebags only

Power System - Gasoline

Cost - unknown


Weapon Type - Recoilless Cannon

Primary Purpose - Assault

Range - 350m against moving targets, 700m versus stationary targets, 1800m maximum

Damage - 5d6x10 FRAG with a blast radius of 4m, 1d4x100 HE, 1d6x100 HEAT

Rate Of Fire - 1 per melee

Payload - 1, with 3 more shots mounted on board in canisters. Reload by hand. Standard load is 1 HE in the weapon with 1 Frag, 1 HE and 1 HEAT in the canisters

Bonuses - na

Note- vehicle cannot fire while moving

Systems of Note

Standard Instrumentation Package

Rudimentary Targeting System. No bonuses to strike.

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