S.W.O.R.D. Initiative

Strategic World Observation and Response Deployment Initiative

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Co-operation between the New Navy and te New German Republic, unknown to many, began well before the planning stages of Operation: Sea Storm. It dates back to 101 PA when The New Navy discosvered a vaulted dry dock. In it was something amazing. A partially completed Air Carrier or rather a Helicarrier. Unfortunately while they had the techincal expertise, they did not have the resources. It was quite some time, and a great deal of debate by the power that be, before they finally came to teh conclusion that the only nation they could trust and approach in regards to this vessel was the New German Republic. They too had the expertise as well as the manpower to complete the vessel along with the resources.

The initial meetings were short and brief. That is, until Captain nemo got directly involved and met with the NGR President. It was these two ment hat hashed out an agreement to jointly complete the helicarrier. The New Navy would get the help of the NGR and hte NGR would receive intelligence on the Atlantic, in which their own super carriers would be deployed. Once the basics were put down, General Rasheen, who had joined hte negotiations spoke up about a possible program that would also be a joint venture.

This initiative would be akin to the Pre-Rifts organization of NATO and the old United Nations. Negotiations continued for the better part of a year while all the details would be finalized.

The finalized negotiations resulted in a joint organization run by elements of both the New Navy and the New German Republic. In addition to the partially finished helicarrier getting completed, six additional helicarrier would be constructed and deployed to patrol the earth. The treaty that was signed on to by both parties but there was also contingencies put into place in order for other nations to sign on at later dates.

The launch of the helicarrier went off with little fanfare and the organization itself is being kept very hush hush for the time being lest other nations get suspicious or downright hostile towards the tow new allies.

Planned Vessels:

Broadsword (North Atlantic) - Operational and deployed 108 PA

Longsword (South Atlantic) - Projected Launch date 111 PA

Katana (North Pacific) - Projected Launch date 114 PA

Scimitar (South Pacific) - Projected Launch date 117 PA

Claymore (Indian Ocean) - Projected Launch date 119 PA

Rapier (Southern Ocean) - Projected Launch date 122 PA

Gladius (Global Patrol) - Projected Launch date 124 PA

Possible Future Members:





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