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The Series 1 Terminator, also known as T-1, is the first Terminator class robot to be produced by Cyber Research Systems. Designed for extreme combat, the Series 1 was built to clear battlefields of enemy troops with its powerful weaponry.

The T-1 was originally built in limited numbers, each individually numbered and stored under individual anti-static dust coverings. Cyberdyne created this first-generation fully autonomous ground offensive system in 2003 as part of their program to re-create the work of the late Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson.

The design of the HK-Tank was an evolution of the T-1, while the concept of T-835 may originate from the T-1

Model Type - T1

Class - Terminator

SDC By Location

Head 200

Neck 100

Upper Body 350

Lower Body 750

Tracks (2) 400 ea

Track Wheels 150 ea

Gatling guns (2) 100 ea

AR - 10

Armour - Stops all standard handgun rounds and upto and including 7.62mm rifle rounds. Explosive and ramjet rounds are still effective.


Tracked - 60 kph

Range - 12 hour battery later upgraded to multi year powercell


Height - 2.5m

Length - 3.4m

Width - 2.0m

Weight - 1 ton

Power System - Battery later Power cell

Cost - unknown


Weapon Type - .50 caliber gatling guns

Primary Purpose - anti-personnel/light vehicle

Range - 1200m

Damage - 4d6x10+40 per single burst, 8d6x10+80 per dual burst

Rate Of Fire - equal to attacks per melee

Payload - 25 bursts of armour-piercing rounds per gun

Bonuses - na

Bonuses and Penalties

Attacks per melee - 5

+1 strike ranged

-2 dodge

Systems of Note

Basic Audio System

Basic Optic System

Thermal Imaging

Infra-red Imaging

Weapon Systems Skill

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Terminator Wikia

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