Terrain master junior


A companion to the Terrain master, the Junior developed as a smaller alternative that cold get into even more confined areas the larger vehicle could not.

Model Type - Terrain Master Junior

Class - Single Person All Terrain Vehicle

Crew - 1

SDC By Location

Main Body - 200

Engine - 140

Wheels/Tires (4) - 40 ea

AR - 6


Ground - 100kph

Range - 200km


Height - 1.2m

Length - 2m

Width - 1.6m

Weight - 150kg

Cargo - upto 100kg can be strapped to a cargo rack on the rear but will reduce the speed of the vehicle by 30% and reduce handling as well giving a penalty of -10% to piloting skills

Power System - gasoline engine

Cost - 5000 new

Systems of Note

Standard Rider information package (speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge)

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