Terrain master

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Designed as a one man all terrain vehicle, the Terrain Master is quite capable of navigating rough terrain as ell as desert dunes with ease. It;s size however can hamper just where it may be able to go at times. Regardless is a rather popular vehicle for wilderness use.

Model Type - Terrain Master

Class - Single person all terrain vehicle

Crew - 1

SDC By Location

Main Body - 130

Engine - 75

Wheels/Tires (4) - 25 ea

AR - 8


Ground - 130 kph

Range - 250km on gasoline, 200 on electric, 4 weeks normal use on solid oxide, unlimited on nuclear


Height - 2.2m

Length - 5.4m

Width - 3.1m

Weight - 600kg

Cargo - minimal items equal to 1 cubic metre

Power System - gasoline, electric, solid oxide, or nuclear

Cost - 250 000 gasoline, 300 000 electric, 600 000 solid oxide, or 800 000 nuclear

Systems of Note

Standard information package (speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge)

Inertial Mapping navigation system

References Used

Northern Gun One and Two

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