Terrain master

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Designed as a one man all terrain vehicle, the Terrain Master is quite capable of navigating rough terrain as ell as desert dunes with ease. It;s size however can hamper just where it may be able to go at times.

Model Type - Terrain Master

Class - Single person all terrain vehicle

Crew - 1

SDC By Location

Main Body - 275

Engine - 180

Wheels/Tires (4) - 100 ea

AR - 8


Ground - 130 kph

Range - 250km


Height - 2.2m

Length - 5.4m

Width - 3.1m

Weight - 600kg

Cargo - minimal items equal to 1 cubic metre

Power System - gasoline engine

Cost - 10 000

Systems of Note

Standard information package (speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge)

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