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The New Navy, at it is colloquially known to those that have encountered them, is in fact a nation of cities located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. They are however actually the United Sea States, at present consisting of three cities. The first, Refuge, was originally the primary secret base for the submersible carrier Ticonderoga, the flagship of the nation's entire fleet. Salvation, the second city, was a secondary base of operations originally, also for the Ticonderoga and her escorts. A third city, Sanctuary, was recently (approximately 20 years ago) added to the nation and is the smallest of the three cities but has sort of become the public "face" of the nation in the last few years having been built not in a secret location but on the Pacific Hawaiian Island of Oahu.

The Sea States Navy, SSN, has saved countless lives over the past 3 centuries from various monsters and slavers alike all over the world. Their reputation will strike fear in many and anger in others, but also garner a healthy wariness and respect to all who know of or have encountered them.

History of the United Sea States (USS)

Source Rifts World Book 7 Underseas by Palladium Books

History of the Sea States Navy (SSN)

City of Refuge

City of Salvation

City of Sanctuary

SSN Fleet

Weapons and equipment of the SSN

OCCs of the SSN

Notable Personnel of the SSN

Notable Citizens of the USS

Diplomatic Relations

Pantheon of Akua (Hawaiian Gods)

Future City Additions

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