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The Palladium files was and is going to be a prerecorded podcast I did/will do. Below are links to the episodes done and where I will put links going forward. Word of warning I am not a white knight or blind defender of Palladium but I will call things like it is or how I perceive them to be. I will let you be the judge. Cheers.

Episode 1, an introduction about me

Episode 2 - The Great, The Good, and The Bad of Palladium in General

Episode 3 - Character Creation - Human Focused sort of

Episode 4 - How do I do it? Combat talk

Episode 5 - Spy Ninja Kung Fu Master Cyborg Soldier, A discussion of Ninjas and Superspies

Episode 6 - The Power Around Us, Magic and Psionics

Episode 7 - How do I make this? My conversion processes

Episode 8 - The 900 pound Gorilla, a talk about Rifts

Episode 9 - Alien Invasion, Robotech Discussion

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