For some they never use the Rifter yet for others they use everything. I fall somewhere in between honestly and many of the things I do use I tweak and modify. Below I compiled a list of what I would use if I was able to craft a complete campaign for any of PBs games (not that will happen any time soon if ever). It includes up to and including Issue 81. I will add 82-84 if I ever get copies of them.

I will say this. This product is something I honestly felt they had right for about the first 40 issues or so then it went to shit in my opinion on how they went about it. They started including too much Official info that was cut from books they published (stuff that should have been put on the website for free honestly in a place they had specifically for that called the cutting room floor) and started doing a lot of page padding filler things. The Rifter was an excellent way to get more info out there and it is my personal opinion that Kevin mucked it up the moment he took a more direct hand in it's creation. It was also the only thing that was every put out on time until he did. After that we saw issues get later and later to the point of dropping to 3 per year and still always late and even a double issue because one issue was so late.

Anyway I'll get off my soapbox about the Rifter since for all intents and purposes it is over and done. Carry on.

Note - If something is official then i automatically use it as it considered to be canon for that game.

0 (Fan Made Rifter)

Culture and Tradition
A megaverse of skills
Known Worlds of the Megaverse
Spells of the Arch Mage
Sunaj Revisited


City Creation Rules
The New Roman Republic
The Knights of Kamnos
Nightbane New Morphus Tables
Nightbane The Inlustris
Nightbane HLS
BtS OCCs (need updating to 2e though)


The Rifts Connection
Hacking, Cyberjacking
Wormwood The Blood Shaman
Rifts tecnowizard Extravaganza


Palladium Fantasy Critters, Magic and Herbs
Everybody's Kung Fu Fighting
Revised Grappling Rules
Mystic China Conversions
Spatial mage


Palladium Fantasy Western Empire HLS
Palladium Fantasy Death is not always Final
Nightbane Tribes of the Moon
Rifts Archie Three vs The World
Rifts The Evolved


Robotech new mecha
HU, N&SS The Rahu-Man
Palladium Fantasy A mind of their own
Rifts and Robotech The Right Stuff
Rifts The world of the operator
Spatial mage additions
Nightbane tribes of the moon part 2


Cloak and Dagger - Palladium Fantasy Assassins
Russian Gods
Intrigue in Singapore
The old ways - Nightbane
Hunter Robotics
The Khans of mongolia - Rifts


Palladium Fantasy The Dragon hunters of Kremakrilon
HU and N&SS World Warriors
Chaos Earth (Alternate reality Rifts)
Rifts Skelebots


Systems Failure Material
Palladium Fantasy Mysteries of hte Deep Forest
NIghtbane The Charonis
BtS The laughing man
Rifts The New Kingdom
Rifts bring out your dead


Nightbane Beyond Between the Shadows
Rifts Bio Borgs
Arzno part 1


Whacky Powers for HU
Trickster Mage


Palladium Fantasy The magic of science
Palladium Fantasy The Metamorph
HU Gestalt
Nightbane On the fringe of the night
Arzno part 2
Rifts the environment of space


Optional Combat Rules


Palladium Fantasy Into the Shadows
HU The Geiger Organization
Rifts Blueprint of a Dragon
Rifts PW Tyrell Industries


Lucky Charms and Superstitions
Nightbane The Cursed
Bts Living numbers and curses
Palladium Fantasy In the hands of fate
Palladium Fantasy the thirteenth tribe
Palladium Fantasy the thirteen deadly magicks
Palladium Fantasy The legend of the thirteen orcish lords
Rifts Dark techno wizardry
Rifts the thirteenth hour


HU The Atorian Empire
Palladium Fantasy Beneath the Surface
Rifts Goodcourt
Rifts Horlok Robotics Inc.


Palladium Fantasy Knights of the Eastern Territories
Palladium Fantasy Blade law
Nightbane Brain Fry
Nightbane New Morphus Tables
Rifts Operation Ironskull
Rifts Specialized Shifters


Palladium Fantasy Young dumb and ugly
HU Teen heroes
Nightbane Dark revalations
Rifts HLS for Final Siege


BtS Last Strett
HU Thropo Aliens
Palladium Fantasy Stilt City
Dweomer mage
Rifts Blood magic
Chaos Earth Alternate


HU Expanded Unusual Characteristics
N&SS Mysteries of Southeast Asia
Planetary Creation Guide
Palladium Fantasy Song Magic
Rifts Wormwood
Rifts A long dark walk
Rifts CS Biowarfare division
Chaos Earth Alternate (OCCs)


Palladium Fantasy Wand magic
Palladium Fantasy The Magic of Ophids grasslands
Palladium Fantasy By Lance and Speed of wing
Go Mental
Rifts We're not all mind readers you know
Rifts CS Support Vehicles
Systems Failure Fort Folsom
Chaos Earth Alternate (Magic OCCs)


BtS A last street adventure
Nightbane optional morphus tables
Palladium Fantasy From the shadows
Rifts Thunderbolt
Rifts HLS


PPE Channeling
HU Motherframe
Rifts Familiars
Rifts TW Form and Function


Rifts Mage Armour
HU building a better supersoldier
Palladium Fantasy MedievalArmy Combat Rules
palladium Fantasy Flashing Blades


Nightbane The Spell Breather
Palladium Fantasy Astronomy
Palladium Fantasy The Blade mage
AtB Mezozic Land
Rifts The faerie Harvest
Rifts Modern Army Combat Rules


AtB Mezozoic Land part two
Rifts media
Rifts The metabolic Juicer
Palladium Fantasy Card magic


N&SS Guns for hire
Palladium Fantasy The lost art of golemancy
Palladium Fantasy The fires of Korath
Rifts Enthralled
Rifts Phage world


Fleas for Systems Failure
Palladium Fantasy Construction magic
Palladium fantasy Unknown depths
palladium fantasy the fires of korath part two
Rifts Mutants


Chaost Earth Britain in chaos
Palladium Fantasy The Palladium Orient
HU The software valley war


BtS The soul tree
Rifts The arrows of itt'arian
Rift chine Geofront material
Rifts Dino Swamp creatures of the horror forest
Rifts the janissary project
Rifts shadow realms


Palladium Fantasy The Magic of War
AtB New mutant types
Rifts Crime and punishment in rifts japan


Splicers new War mounts
Chaos Earth Blue Zone Demons
Rifts Candle magic


HU Rooms with a skew
A Komplex Problem
Rifts PW Sunhammer Consolidated Freightways Ltd


The Wastes Splicers
The mega steel chef Rifts


The legacy of blood Palladium Fantasy
SCRET Revisited and revised
DBees of the eastern wilds Rifts
Air combat Rifts


The Maqui Knouldum
The Galactic Trace Starship Creation
CS Operation Holy House Mad Machiavelli
On Patrol Rifts


Swimsuit NPCs
The Army of Scorched Earth


Nain Rouge the red dwarf
The Hoarse Whisperer
Ellios: Epoch of Legends
Madhaven: Into Ruins


HU Expanded Mega Hero
Great House Shiva Splicers
Abernathy Pass Rifts
The RSCG Ft Laredo


Splicers Great House Shiva Part two
Systems Failure Warbirds
Rifts Laser Mage
Palladium Fantasy Slavery
Palladium Fantasy A walk on the wild side
Rifts Darkvare and the Astral Plane


Chaos Earth the moons of jupiter
Swimsuit NPCs


Palladium Fantasy A walk on the wild side part two
BtS The Devil muse
Dead reign Preview
Rifts+ Spellbooks (Also a must use imo)
Rifts Spoils of was part one


Character with character
AtB by hook or by crook the city of filly
Rifts the spoils of war part two
Rifts+ The Order of light


SCRET Around the world
The wormwood addenda
The Coalition Edge
The torque of amamalt
Warlord of boston
Under the skin Palladium Fantasy rifts


Swimsuit NPCs


The wormwood addenda
Your morphus and you
Telekinesis and ectoplasm
The scaring crow BtS
Megaversal Monster showdown


Another world of zombies
Of bows and arrows
The order of the mystic knights
Court of tarot


Rifts Dyval and the minion war
The wormwood addenda
Dragons in society
Rebel Waltz Brodkill society
Weird Mutants
The scurry scree and scurry talus
Why magic is alive The Hawaiian supernatural
The way station


Rifts cargo cults
The norad duology part one
The chain letter


The norad duology part two
Scared spitless
Impersonator zombies
Of cloth, staff and scripture


Princes of the universe regomancy
The free state of lazlo (there is some here I may use for my netbook but just as much that i wont)
Stage magic unlimited
Vampires Revisited (I use both versions and these hate vampire intelligences and their creations)


Mortificants, The death callers
The free world council
Chaos earth psychics
Splicers forced choices
The zodiac mage
A challenger has appeared
Vehicle construction rules part one rifts


Living weapons
Wolf blood
Rifts Triax 2 weapons locker
Vehicle construction rules part two rifts


The crusaders and the black crusade rifts
Cannibal magic palladium fantasy
From Ruins to runes palladium fantasy


The lucky psychics BtS
ARCHIE Phase Two Rifts
On Faerie Folk Rifts+
Dawn of a new era HU
Ravages of Rime Rifts


A megaversal menagerie
Dawn of a new era part two HU
New Chillicothe Rifts


home away from home Palladium Fantasy
Ancestral Mystic palladium fantasy
Souls Palladium fantasy
Triax Update
The cutting room floor - the ccw for thundercloud galaxy
The black crusade part two


The solar system rifts (there is some I will use but a lot I wont for my netbook)
Time travel
The tainted Martyr


The Rifter creature feature BtS
Weapons and tech of the CS rifts
Fantastic creatures palladium Fantasy
The NGR Antropological Field Operative Rifts
The Brodkill War machinist
Spacia's Bottles


The free state of lazlo (i may or may not use info from this in my netbook)
new faeries,people and undead Palladium fantasy
The Kezel Rifts
Lerurian OCCs
Lemurian notable creatures


The pack mentality splicers
The kezel continued Rifts
Creatures of the xiticix hivelands Rifts
TW throughout the megaverse
The lion the witch and the warlock palladium fantasy
Explosives data


House Pandorum splicers
Trust and Intimidation Rifts+
Sourceforge Rifts
CSV New hope HU


The Crusades and the Black crusade part 3
the city of charter
Purebred animals for mutants in avalon AtB
Defense of the Realm HU
Charm and Impress Rifts+


Deathspike and the vampire lands Rifts
Dark magic new Rifts Necromancy
Experience tables for Rifts Black market
World association of super heroes HU
Climbing skill expanded
Castle Sturmgard Palladium Fantasy
Doc Reid's Vampire Survival Guide Rifts


A revisit to Timiro palladium fantasy
Mythic beasts Palladium fantasy
BtS random adventure generator
The black malice legacy part one rifts


Tinkers Nightbane
Gleaners BtS
New Dead reign Survivors
Palladium Ice Dwellers palladium Fantasy
The black malice legacy part two rifts
The well of visions rifts


Hollow road BtS
Necromancy and the power of death rifts
Rifts Black Market rise to power
Once more unto the breach HU
Contemporary high tech robotics and gadgets HU
Chaos Eve


Splicers The bestiary
Bite of the snakemen HU
Space Pirates PW
Rifts black market part 2 rise to power


House Pandorum Splicers
Outpost F279 Rifts
The mutant bees of earth AtB
Rifts Africa creatures and monsters
Power behind the throne HU


Rifts Megaverse in flames stand and be ready
Brulyx BtS
The crusaders and the black crusade part 4


Rifts Arenas of Atlantis
The Long Gull Islands AtB
Heroic Hot spots HU
Living through the great cataclysm
Dead reign tampa bay


Splicers Blood and Iron
The unbidden rifts
The city of new strawn
The deep frontier rifts


Yokai of Japan BtS
Aboard the Pearl Dead reign
On a wing and a prayer N&SS
Maps Palladium fantasy


The triumvirate dragon Palladium Fantasy
Forest Children Palladium Fantasy
The nexus born Rifts
Dead reign in Detroit


The town of Moorcroft Wyoming Rifts
Ancient Weapons Master HU
Wilderness Community Karimyo Rifts


A haven in the wilderness Rifts


Elemental Primorda Rifts+
Blood Diamonds H
Gohjjunk Wilderness Community Rifts


Nowhere Rifts
Khemennu Wilderness community Palladium Fantasy
Mutants on the loose HU/AtB


Khemennu part two palladium fantasy
The nexus zone rifts
The modern necromancer


Gaming through history
The kingdom of new oslo Rifts
The stage magician revisited HU


Wayfarers OCC Palladium Fantasy
House or Red Sands Splicers
Masters Unlimited HU
Chaos Earth Nebraska Part One


Gnomes Palladium Fantasy
Hitting the streets with the Super Sleuth HU
Blood Moon Palladium Fantasy
Chaos Earth Nebraska Part two




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