Full Name: Thomas Wavethunder. Admiral of the Navy. Naval Commander-in-Chief

Race: Nuhr Dwarf

Alignment: Scrupulous

Attributes: IQ 17, MA 15, ME 12, PS 22, PP 18, PE 16, PB 9, Spd 9

Hit Points: 89, SDC: 46

Size: 4 feet, 4 inches; 171 lbs.

Age: 70

PPE: 76

Disposition: Thomas projects a serious demeanor, the image of the consummate professional. He cares about the lives of sailors that he has been entrusted with, which drives him to find every possible advantage he can make, borrow or steal in order to maximize the odds. He isn’t always relentlessly serious. Whenever he can do so without degrading readiness, he indulges in his sense of humor, which includes practical jokes. Rather than causing chaos, this dichotomy actually inspires the men and women he leads to follow his example. When duty calls, they are peerless professionals. When off duty, they feel free to open up and find ways to release their daily stress together, increasing their sense of comaradery.

Experience Level: 12th level Lazlo Navy Sailor - Officer

Magic Knowledge: Knows how to use TW items and Lore – Magic: 93%

Psionic Powers: None

Combat Skill: Hand to Hand: Expert

Actions per Melee: 6

Bonuses: +7 Dodge/Parry, +4 Strike, +1 Pull Punch, +2 Disarm, Critical Strike on 18-20, +10 SD damage

Weapon Proficiencies: W.P Energy Pistol, W.P Energy Rifle, W.P. Knife, W.P. Battle Axe, W.P. Paired Weapons

Weapons of Note: Wilk’s 325 Mariner Pulse Laser Pistol, Wilk’s 459 Marine Rifle and Nuhr Rune Axe but has access to virtually anything in Lazlo’s Naval arsenal.

Armor: Nuhr Rune Armor – Studded Leather (52 MDC) and A25 Bullfrog equipped with MAES; Superhuman Agility, Swim as a Fish (Superior), Wakefullness but like weapons, has access to any armor in the inventory of Lazlo’s Navy.

Skills of Note: American: 98%, French: 98%, Navigation: 98%, Intelligence: 80%, Pilot Warship/Patrol Boat: 98%, Naval History: 98%, Naval Tactics: 98%, Salvage: 98%, Law: 98%, Weapon Systems: 98%, Undersea & Sea Survival: 97%

Description: Short and stocky but surprisingly agile. He has a short cropped beard of bright red hair. He keeps it shorter than is fashionable amongst dwarves so that it doesn’t interfere with closing the seals of his helmet. Pale blue eyes sit above a strong dwarfish nose. His skin is tanned from countless hours spent on the deck of a ship as it sails under the light of the sun. Always wears his duty uniform when aboard ship, unless a special event requires that he wears his dress uniform. His duty sidearm strapped to his side.

Background: Thomas is a second-generation citizen of the Free State of Lazlo. Like so many Nuhr Dwarves, he grew-up feeling a strong attraction to the sea. He loved sailing at an early age; the fresh air, wide open sea, the feel of the deck as it rocked under his feet. The mystery and adventure the sea held, both above and below her waves. Thomas likely would have become a merchant marine, like his parents, if it weren’t for the those Nuhr Dwarves that had chosen a life of piracy over more gainful employment.

As he continued to mature, becoming a young man, he reached a decision; he was quite done with hearing stereotypes of how all Nuhr were pirates and the scoundrels of the waves. Yes even in a place of enlightenment like Lazlo, that stereotype was known. Though no one had ever seemed to judge him by it, he felt a need to clear the name of all Nuhr. To that end, he joined the Lazlo Navy (LN) and was accepted into their Naval Academy. He pushed himself hard and rose through the ranks, until finally after decades of hard work, he reached the pinnacle of the LN; High Admiral, the commanding officer of the entire LN. He is a firm believer of leading by example and hopes that his helps to show the world that not all Nuhr are criminals of the high seas.

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