Trigat 556
The Tri-gat 556 was designed as a fire suppression/saturation unit. It essentially saturates an area if fire making it nigh impossible for anyone to try and advance towards your position or anywhere else for that matter.

It uses the venerable 5.56mm standard round which is effective and allows for a high volume of fire. It can also fire armour piercing, explosive and ramjet rounds, increasing its lethality each step of the way. However this weapon cannot be used unless seriously mounted on a tripod, wall or building due to the recoil.

There is also an optional version that mates the Trigat with a limited fire control system allow for automated use as a sentry.

Other optional versions include the model 762 and 050 which is much like the 556 only it uses 7.62mm or 0.50cal rounds respectively.

The last option of the Tri-gat is to upgrade to a Quad-gat 556/762/050. It is essentially the same as the Tri-gat but it adds one addtional gatling gun to the unit.

Weapon - Tri-gat 556

Range - 600m

Damage - 5d6sd per 5.56mm round per gun. 6d6+3sd per 7.62mm round and 1d6x10+10sd per 0.50cal round.

Rate of fire - bursts only (use gatling gun burst rules). Double or triple the damage (quadruple if a Quad-gat) depending on the number of guns firing at one time.

Payload - standard 1000 round case per gun for 5.56 mm. 800round case for 7.62 and 500 round case for 0.50cal.

Bonuses - None other than Weapon Proficiencies and Ranged Combat Training.

Automated unit - 4 attacks per melee, +3 strike, burst damage value are x4/x5/x6/x8 per gun respectively.

Please note that this was designed for use with my house rules. That's a fault of mine as I pretty much only think in terms of my house rules now sorry.

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