aka Strider Kage

  • I live in East Coast USA
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is Grocery
  • I am male
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Strider Hiryu

Strider Code:(Words To Live By)
I. The most perfect law in the universe is the balance; if the balance is gone everything falls into chaos.
II. Selfish ambition is the cause of the world's pain.
III. Devote yourself, but do not lose who you are.
IV. Those who seek the truth are the world's saviors.
V. A false life is equal to your true self..
VI. It doesn't pay to betray your principles.
VII. No one deserves to have all the power.
VIII. Who can see the future? Those who create it.
IX. Life or death awaits...a Strider is never certain
X. Strike hard and fade away without a trace.
XI. Move like the wind. Strike like thunder.
XII. Take me to your boss! (This one's optional)

"If your soul is imperfect, life is difficult, Remember that the way of the Shinobi is a harsh one." -Ryu Hayabusa

"We are invisible by definition.
The time you see me is the time you see your death...
Scream if you wish.
Run as fast as you can...
Just know... That when you see me your life will end..." -Strider Hien

Words are imperfect, putting it into words will just create misunderstanding. Words are the root of misunderstanding. - Nagi Sanzenin (Hata Kenjiro)

An it harm NONE do as YOU will so mote it be - Supreme Wicca Law

---[my Ultimate Way Of Life]---Strider.kage 01:33, April 29, 2012 (UTC)

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