Background (as per Macross Mecha Manual)


The VA-1SS Metal Siren was the newest variable fighter and was piloted by Captain Nexx.

Model Type - VA-1SS Metal Siren
Class - Variable Attack Fighter
Crew - 1

MDC By Location

Main Body - 650
Arms - 250
Hands - 125
Legs - 350
Feet - 175
Wings - 300
Secondary Engines - 125
Head - 150
Gun Pods - 150
Particle Guns - 100
Hip Lasers - 75
Plasma Spear - 200

AR - 18
Armour - stops upto and including the equivalent of standard 25mm rounds (2d6md)



Running - 120kph
Leaping - 40m thruster assisted
Flying Battroid - 600kph at all altitudes, Mach 22 in space
Flying Gerwalk - mach 1 at all altitudes, Mach 22 in space
Flying Fighter - mach 1.9 at sea level, mach 4.7 at 10km, mach 11 at 30km, mach 22 in space
Gundroid mode - Mach 40 in space only
Range - unlimited in atmosphere, 8000km in space from reaction mass


Height - Battroid - 1.5m, Gerwalk - 6.4m, Fighter - 4.9m
Length - Battroid - 4.9m, Gerwalk - 9m, Fighter - 12m (17.27m with plasma spear attached)
Width - Battroid - 5.2m, Gerwalk - 10.2m, Fighter - 12.2m
Weight - 14 tons empty, 19 tons loaded
PS - Robotic 45 Lift - 22.5 tons, Carry - 11.25 tons
Cargo - Minimal pilot and survival Gear
Power System - 2 Takachihoff thermonuclear turbine reaction engines



Weapon Type - Particle Guns (2)
Primary Purpose - Anti-mecha/missile
Range - 2400m
Damage - 3d6+2 per blast, 2d4x10 per short burst, 2d6x10+20 per medium burst, 3d6x10+20 per long burst, 5d6x10 per full melee burst per gun, guns fire in tandem.
Rate Of Fire - only fires short bursts equal to pilots attacks
Payload - unlimited Bonuses - +2 strike

Weapon Type - Hip lasers (2, useable in all modes)
Primary Purpose - anti-fighter/missile
Range - 2000m
Damage - 4d6 per blast, 2d4x10+20 per short burst, 4d4x10+10 per medium burst, 4d6x10 per long burst, 6d6x10 per full melee burst. This is per gun. Guns fire in tandem.
Rate Of Fire - equal to pilots attacks
Payload - unlimited Bonuses - +3 strike

Weapon Type - Heavy Rail Gun Pod (2)
Primary Purpose - anti-mecha
Range - 2700m
Damage - 2d4x10 per round, 5d6x10+20 per short burst (20 rounds), 9d6x10+20 per medium burst (30 rounds), 2d4x100 per long burst (50 rounds), 3d4x100 per full melee bursts (200 rounds)
Rate Of Fire - only fires short bursts equal to pilots attacks
Payload - 500 armour piercing rounds
Bonuses - +3 strike

Weapon Type - Plasma Spear
Primary Purpose - Anti- mecha
Range - Melee Damage - Punch Damage x 4 (2d6x10), armour piercing
Rate Of Fire - NA
Payload - NA
Bonuses - +2 strike

Weapon Type - Micro-missiles
Primary Purpose - anti-mecha
Range - 10km Damage - 2d6x10
Rate Of Fire - volleys of 1-60 equal to pilots attacks
Payload - 64 total, 9 per arm, 8 main body, 19 per leg. Missiles are 3rd generation.
Bonuses - +3 strike

Weapon Type - D-Pulse Burst Wave
Primary Purpose - area affect weapon of mass destruction
Range - 2500m
Damage - causes anything within range that has super dimension power systems to violently react and burst/explode destroying it. In capital ships this will cascade across the ship causing any weapons that are powered up to explode and for the ship to essentially self destruct.
Rate Of Fire - 1 every 10 minutes
Payload - unlimited but once used no energy weapons can be used for at least 5 minutes
Bonuses - +5 strike

Bonuses and Penalties


Use Robot/Vehicle Combat Basic/Elite along with the following bonuses:

+2 attacks at level 1
1 attack at level 5, 8 and 12
+2 disarm
+3 pull punch
+3 roll with punch impact at level 9
+1 parry/dodge at level 3, 6, 9 and 12
+1 autododge at level 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 15
+1 strike ranged at level 3
+1 strike hand to hand level 5
+25% to all piloting rolls
Punch - 5d6
Restrained Punch - 1d6x10sd
Kick - 1d4x10+5
Body Block/Tackle - 2d6+3

Systems of Note

Engine Lifespan - The unit does not use fuel per se (using reaction mass while operating in space) the unit does needs it's engines (thermonuclear turbines) refurbished or replaced eventually. A new unit's engines, aside from regular maintenance or damage done, can last up to a decade under normal circumstances and use

Fly by Wire - Due to the complexity of the fighters systems a Fly By Light system is used to fly and maneuver. If the fighter takes more than 75% damage to the main body, or more than 50% in one attack the system fails causing the fighter to become extremely difficult to fly. All piloting rolls are made at -50% and must be made at least once per minute if just trying to keep it going or anytime any kind of action is taken (attacks, parries and dodges as well as any kind of special maneuvers)

Radar - Range 475km, can track up to 6000 targets simultaneously.

LIDAR/LADAR - This system uses lasers to detect and image items as small as 10cm at 10km, as small as 200cm (2.0m) out to 20km and as small as 1000cm (10.0m) out to 50km. This system also assists the other sensors in detected and identification.

Radar Warning receiver - Detects when an opposing radar attempt to identify or lock on to the VF-1. Range - 475km

Limited Electronic Countermeasures Capability - With a Electronic Countermeasures skill roll (or Sensor operations at -15%) the pilot/crew can impose a penalty of -2 to strike and a -25% to all sensor skill rolls of any opponents within radar range depending on terrain.

Advanced Infra-Red Imager – Forward looking infa-red imager that detects and identifies targets based on their heat signatures. Range – same as Radar.

Motion Detector and Collision Warning System - Close range: 300ft (90m); sounds alarm and red light warns pilot of impending collision and/or immediate target.

Radio/Video Communications - Wide band and directional, radio and video telecast capabilities. Range is 1500 miles (km) or can be boosted indefinitely via satellite relay.

Targeting Computer Systems - Range: 475km and target up to 36 targets at once. +1 to strike in ranged combat

Combat Computer - Calculates, stores and transmits data onto the cockpit computer screen or Head Up Display (H.U.D.). Patches in with targeting computer. Also has an integral IFF system and can identify upto 400 different enemy target types.

External Audio Pickup - Sound amplification listening system. Range: 1000ft (m) Loudspeaker - Loudspeaker system that can amplify the pilot's voice up to 120 decibels.

External Surveillance System - A video camera relays images to a cockpit monitor. 360 degree rotation. Range: 500ft (140m).

Telescopic capabilities: 16x magnification.

Telescopic optical Enhancement - Range: 4000ft (1200m). Field of vision: 120 degrees Ejector Seat - In case of emergencies the pilot seat can be instantly ejected.

Utility Arms - This is a set of small, retractable arms housed in the right forearm, to perform delicate work and to effect repairs. Each of the three arms has an A.R. of 6 and 3 M.D.C.

Self-Destruct - A last ditch effort to prevent capture of the Variable unit (usually preceded by the pilot's ejecting from the Veritech). Explosive damage is fairly contained — 40ft radius (12m); does 2d6x10.

Heat and Radiation Shielding Independent Oxygen Supply and Circulatory Systems Detachable Pilot's Compartment - This is the reinforced pilot's compartment (jet's nose) which can be detached and mounted onto another fighter's arm for ease of carrying (or carried by any Destroid).

Distress Beacon - range of 500 miles (800km). 10 times that in space.

Chaff and Flare Dispensers - Each has 18 charges. 85% chance to fool radar or heat guided missiles. 55% chance to fool smart missiles. If successful missile lose their lock and fly off.

Smoke Dispensers - 24 charges that each create a 25m (90ft) wide cloud of smoke behind the fighter.

Anti-Beam Coating - Reduce damage of all energy weapon attacks against the unit by 25%

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