The Veritech VF-1 is Earth's first transformable trans-atmospheric fighter. Powered by fusion engines, the VF-1 is fully space-capable, and is carried in great numbers on the SDF-1 as well as the Armor series of carriers. The VF-1 supports 3 modes of operation: fighter mode for aerospace superiority missions, guardian mode for close air support missions, and battloid mode for ground combat missions.

By itself, the VF-1 performs well in a variety of atmospheric operations, due to its sizable, variable-sweep wing surface area and high thrust-to-weight ratio. The VF-1 uses its wing hardpoints to mount a significant number of missiles as well as a gun pod for close range combat.

Though the VF-1 is capable of reaching lower Earth orbit, it is unable to attain escape velocity on its own. Various booster and armor systems were devised to extend its range and/or combat performance.

Though young ace pilots were assigned VF-1A fighters with mostly-white color schemes, most recruits were issued a standard model with a light brown color scheme. These VF-1A "Brownies" were jokingly refered to as "Cannon Fodder" by Zentraedi because they were identified as easier targets, due to the relative inexperience of their pilots.

Designation: VF-1A
Mecha Class: Veritech fighter, aerospace capable
Crew: 1 pilot
Weight: 13.3 metric tons (dry)

Length: 14.2 m
Height: 3.8 m
Wingspan: 8.3-14.8 m
Max speed at sea level: Mach 1.4
Max speed at 10,000m: Mach 2.71
Max speed at 30,000m: Mach 3.87



Length: 11.0 m
Height: 8.7 m
Wingspan: 8.3-14.8 m
Max speed at all altitudes: 500 kph



Height: 12.7 m
Depth: 4.0 m
Breadth: 7.3 m
Max speed at all altitudes: 194 kph
Max walking speed: 160 kph

1 x 3-barreled 55mm gatling cannon in a gun pod
1 light laser cannon, mounted on the head/turret
2 x light lasers in the nose (upgrade from sensors, only for Veritech fighters aboard the SDF-1)
4 wing hardpoints (2 per wing) each capable of carrying:
- 3 x 300mm medium range missiles, or
- 1 (inner) or 2 (outer) x 533mm long range missiles, or
- 1 x short-range multiple ejection 150mm missile launcher containing 15 missiles

VF-1A Valkyrie UEDF Pilot Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1A-Battroid-Front-Face.png

VF-1A Valkyrie UEDF Pilot Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1A-Battroid-Marker.png

VF-1A Valkyrie UEDF Pilot Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1A-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

VF-1A Valkyrie UEDF Pilot Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1A-Gerwalk-Marker.png

VF-1A Valkyrie UEDF Pilot Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1A-Fighter-Front-Face.png

VF-1A Valkyrie UEDF Pilot Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1A-Fighter-Marker.png

courtesy macross mecha manual

The VF-1J model shown here can be identified by its unique head which features two light lasers, and was piloted by leaders of 3-man groups or full Squadrons. The VF-1J was discontinued after 2014 and surviving fighters were eventually upgraded to the VF-1R model.

VF-1J Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1J-Battroid-Front-Face.png

VF-1J Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1J-Battroid-Front-Face.png

VF-1J Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1J-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

VF-1J Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1J-Gerwalk-Marker.png

VF-1J Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1J-Fighter-Front-Face.png

VF-1J Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1J-Fighter-Marker.png

courtesy macross mecha manual

The VF-1S "Skull Leader" is a rare fighter based on a prototype platform of the VF-1 specially designed for commanding officers of Veritech squadrons. Only a dozen of these units had been manufactured by the time the Zentraedi attacked Macross Island in 2009. The prototype number 001 (also known as Skull One) was the last known surviving VF-1S aboard the SDF-1. It miraculously survived through several years of battle and was never destroyed, making it a symbol of humankind's invincibility.

However, in 2015, the Skull One, the oldest surviving VF-1 in the Robotech Defense Force, was dismantled to aid in the research of the next-generation of Advanced Veritech fighters.

VF-1S Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1S-Battroid-Front-Face.png

VF-1S Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1S-Battroid-Marker.png

VF-1S Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1S-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

VF-1S Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1S-Gerwalk-Marker.png

VF-1S Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1S-Fighter-Front-Face.png

VF-1S Valkyrie UEDF Elite Pilot Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1S-Fighter-Marker.png

courtesy macross mecha manual

The VF-1D tandem cockpit made it the primary vehicle for training Veritech pilots. These trainers, designated VT, were rarely used in combat.

VF-1D Valkyrie UEDF Trainer Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1D-Battroid-Front-Face.png

VF-1D Valkyrie UEDF Trainer Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1D-Battroid-Front-Face.png

VF-1D Valkyrie UEDF Trainer Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1D-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

VF-1D Valkyrie UEDF Trainer Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1D-Gerwalk-Marker.png

VF-1D Valkyrie UEDF Trainer Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1D-Fighter-Front-Face.png

VF-1D Valkyrie UEDF Trainer Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1D-Fighter-Marker.png

Vf1r battroid.jpg

The VF-1R Veritech Retrofit program was initiated in 2014 to improve the survivability of the Robotech Defense Force's few remaining VF-1A and VF-1J fighters while the next-generation Advanced Veritech Fighter was in development.

Veritechs upgraded to the VF-1R model are easily identifiable by the unique new cannon mounted on the head. Though it may simply appear to be simply a third laser turret, it is actually a pulse autocannon which is automated independently of the pilot. Its computerized system automatically targets incoming missiles and other ordinance to free up the pilot to concentrate on mission objectives, greatly increasing combat performance and survivability. However, early YF-1R prototypes did not feature this autocannon tracking system.

VF-1R Valkyrie UEDF Ace Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1R-Battroid-Front-Face.png

VF-1R Valkyrie UEDF Ace Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1R-Battroid-Marker.png

VF-1R Valkyrie UEDF Ace Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1R-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

VF-1R Valkyrie UEDF Ace Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1R-Gerwalk-Marker.png

VF-1R Valkyrie UEDF Ace Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1R-Fighter-Front-Face.png

VF-1R Valkyrie UEDF Ace Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1R-Fighter-Marker.png

Vefr-1-battroid small.gif

The VEF-1 was a variant of the VF-1 that allowed for a more capable AWACS platform to accompany the forces of the SDF-1.

VEF-1 Valkyrie UEDF Awacs Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VEF-1-Battroid-Front-Face.png

VEF-1 Valkyrie UEDF Awacs Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VEF-1-Battroid-Marker.png

VEF-1 Valkyrie UEDF Awacs Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VEF-1-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

VEF-1 Valkyrie UEDF Awacs Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VEF-1-Gerwalk-Marker.png

VEF-1 Valkyrie UEDF Awacs Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VEF-1-Fighter-Front-Face.png

VEF-1 Valkyrie UEDF Awacs Pilot Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VEF-1-Fighter-Marker.png

Alternate Configurations

Super vf-1.jpg

The Super Upgrade was developed to allow the VF-1 a greater range and interception capability giving it additional mobility and firepower.

Upgrade Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Super-VF-1-(Any)-(Configuration)-Front-Face.png

Vf-1j-gbp small.gif

The Armoured Upgrade was created in an effort to give the VF-1 the armour and firepwoer of ground units like Destroids.

Upgrade Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1S-Gerwalk-Marker.png


The Jotun Upgrade was created last as a sort of go between of the Armoured Upgrade and the Super upgrade.

Upgrade Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1S-Gerwalk-Marker.png

Maneuver Dials for each mode

VF-1 Valkyrie Battroid Maneuver Dial Cover - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1-Battroid-Manuever-Dial-Front-Face.png

VF-1 Valkyrie Battroid Maneuver Dial - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1-Battroid-Manuever-Dial-Front-Face-2.png

VF-1 Valkyrie Gerwalk Maneuver Dial Cover - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1-gerwalk-Manuever-Dial-Front-Face.png

VF-1 Valkyrie Gerwalk Maneuver Dial - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1-gerwalk-Manuever-Dial-Front-Face-2.png

VF-1 Valkyrie Fighter Maneuver Dial Cover - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1-Fighter-Manuever-Dial-Front-Face.png

VF-1 Valkyrie Fighter Maneuver Dial - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/VF-1-Fighter-Manuever-Dial-Front-Face-2.png

Reknown Pilots

Rick Hunter (https://www.kent.net/robotech/)

Rick hunter.jpg

Rick's love for flying begins as a child. He is encouraged by his father, uncle and best friend, Roy Fokker, and the other members of "The Hunter Brother's Aerial Circus." After Roy leaves the aerial show to join the military, Rick takes his place and becomes an excellent amateur pilot, winning trophies seven years in a row. the two friends are reunited when Roy Fokker, now a member of the Robotech Defense Force, invites Rick to the trial launching of the SDF-1. That festive occasion turns into a nightmare as Rick and all the people of macross City, and the world, are sucked into intergalactic war with the giant, Zentraedi aliens.

Throughout the conflict, Rick struggles with his inner feelings in regard to his role in the war. Over the next few, war-torn years, Rick grows as a skilled Veritech Pilot as well as a person. The sobering experience of war, death of loved ones and consequences of one's actions, mold Rick Hunter into a courageous and strong leader. A role he reluctantly accepts. At the series' end, Rick and his love, Lisa, stand before the ruin of the SDF-1 and vow to see an end to this war.

Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Rick-Hunter-Battroid-Front-Face.png

Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Rick-Hunter-Battroid-Front-Face.png

Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Rick-Hunter-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Rick-Hunter-Gerwalk-Marker.png

Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Rick-Hunter-Fighter-Front-Face.png

Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Rick-Hunter-Fighter-Marker.png

Max Sterling (Robotech.com)

Max sterling.jpg

His modest and unassuming personality belies Max's deadly prowess as the SDF-1's most renowned Veritech pilot. Certified as an ace following his first battle, Max's skills earned him quick distinction among both his fellow RDF pilots and their Zentraedi adversaries.

Orphaned during the Global War, Max nonetheless had an avid interest in flying and military technology. But like many other people his age, this interest did not necessarily translate into a desire to join the military.

At the launch festivities for the SDF-1, Max and his friend Ben Dixon found themselves caught up in the opening battle of the first Robotech War. Rescued in the midst of the first fight against Zentraedi forces, Max earned his first ride in a veritech fighter.

Like many of the civilians stranded aboard the battlefortress, Max volunteered for the effort to rebuild Macross City inside the ship. Soon after that monumental task was completed, both he and Ben volunteered for the Robotech Defense Force and began training as veritech pilots. From early on, Max was recognized as a true aviation prodigy, a pilot with some of the most natural flying skills and instincts. His potential earned the attention of Roy Fokker, the SDF-1's air group commander, who then assigned both Max and Ben to the newly-created Vermillion group under the command of Lt. Rick Hunter.

Max wasted little time distinguishing himself, as he notched nine confirmed kills in his first combat sortie in his trademark blue VF-1. But even his impressive skills were put to an ultimate test of survival during a reconnaissance mission that the Vermillion Group undertook to scout Zentraedi targets.

His fighting prowess eventually gained the attention of Zentraedi Quadrano ace Miriya Parino, who then sought him out in a furious battle that found its way into the streets of Macross City. Unbeknownst to Max, his defeat of the Zentraedi force's finest pilot made him marked for death by Miriya, who micronized herself in an effort to find him. After several near encounters, Max and Miriya finally confronted each other in a video game clash. The result was the same as before, and Miriya then tried to kill him during what Max thought was their first date.

Defeated once again, Miriya despaired of life itself. But incredibly, the two rivals fell completely in love and were quickly married. The union of Max and Miriya became an unlikely symbol of peace and understanding during the First Robotech War.

Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Max-Sterling-Battroid-Front-Face.png

Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Max-Sterling-Battroid-Marker.png

Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Max-Sterling-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Max-Sterling-Gerwalk-Marker.png

Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Max-Sterling-Fighter-Front-Face.png

Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Max-Sterling-Fighter-Marker.png

Miriya Sterling (Robotech.com)

Myria sterling.jpg

The ace of the Zentraedi Forces, Miriya is a fearsome warrior who piloted the Zentraedi Power Armor. Upon discovering the combat talents of Max Sterling, Miriya takes it upon herself to hunt him down, but finds herself frustrated by the "micronian" ace in combat. Miriya infiltrates the SDF-1 to challenge Max and regain her honor but finds herself humiliated in a video game duel against him tries to kill him in a knife fight. Beaten for a last time, she suddenly finds herself in love and marries him in a historic wedding that unites the humans and the Zentraedi. Miriya sticks by Max's side through the war and helps rebuild Earth from the ashes left by Dolza's fleet.

Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Miriya-Sterling-Battroid-Front-Face.png

Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Miriya-Sterling-Battroid-Marker.png

Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Miriya-Sterling-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Miriya-Sterling-Gerwalk-Marker.png

Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Miriya-Sterling-Fighter-Front-Face.png

Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Miriya-Sterling-Fighter-Marker.png

Roy Fokker (Robotech.com)

Roy fokker.jpg

The leader of the veritech fighter squadrons attached to the SDF-1, Roy Fokker was the premier fighter pilot in the Robotech Defense Force. Fokker first gained fame by shooting down 108 enemy planes during the Global War and subsequent conflicts. Fokker was called back to duty by Admiral Donald Hayes and became the top test pilot for Project Valkyrie, which led to the creation of the transformable veritech fighter. As commander of the renowned Skull Squadron, Roy maintained his reputation among his fellow pilots, as his squadron earned distinction in battle after battle with the Zentraedi forces.

From an early age, Roy had a strong love of flying. His father Dan Fokker was a close friend and squadron mate of Mitchell Hunter during the final years of the Vietnam War. Dan was later killed in a classified mission for the Navy, and Mitchell Hunter assumed guardianship of Roy. From then on, Roy grew up with Hunter and his young son Rick and flew for their Flying Circus aerobatic team. The two boys grew very close. That relationship is severely tested when Roy leaves the Flying Circus to fight in the Global War, and later joins the Veritech development project on Macross Island.

Roy inherited many of his father's daredevil aspects, including a cavalier attitude towards women. A playboy for much of his early flying career, his life is changed when he meets a young air control officer named Claudia Grant.

Roy tries to mend his relationship with young Rick Hunter by inviting him to the launch of the SDF-1 on Macross Island. When the First Robotech War breaks out, Roy influences Rick to join the Robotech forces and follow in his footsteps as a fighter pilot. A truly inspirational figure, Roy becomes a mentor to Rick and has leaves a lasting impression on many members of the Robotech Defense Force.

Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Roy-Fokker-Battroid-Front-Face.png

Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Roy-Fokker-Battroid-Marker.png

Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Roy-Fokker-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Roy-Fokker-Gerwalk-Marker.png

Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Roy-Fokker-Fighter-Front-Face.png

Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Roy-Fokker-Fighter-Marker.png

Ben Dixon (Robotech.com)

Ben dixon.jpg

Irrepressible and gregarious, Ben Dixon is a big bear of a man. As a member of Rick Hunter's Vermillion Squadron, Ben is a vital part of a fearsome combat squad of Veritech Fighters.

Like everyone else of his generation, Ben grew up in the midst of the Global War. His parents struggled to maintain a sense of normalcy. He was also a childhood friend of a young war orphan named Max Sterling. Though their personalities were very different, the two complemented each other and Max became an unofficial member of the family.

Ben and Max traveled to Macross Island to visit Ben's parents, who managed a dry cleaning business, and to attend the launch of the SDF-1. They became embroiled in a fight for survival as the Zentraedi launched their first attack in trying to reclaim their lost battlefortress. Ben was able to escape with his parents and reach the emergency civil defense shelters before the SDF-1 executed a hyperspace fold that swept both the battlefortress and Macross Island into space beyond the orbit of Pluto.

Ben and his family did their best to adjust to life aboard the SDF-1. The Dixons reopened their laundry service, while Ben and Max participated in the efforts to reconstruct the city inside the confines of the battlefortress.

With that monumental task completed, Max and Ben soon found themselves with little to do. Inspired to join the Robotech Defense Forces, both enlisted to become veritech pilots. Upon graduation from flight training, Ben and Max were assigned to the Vermillion Squadron, under the command of Rick Hunter.

Even though Max and Rick always outshined his skills, Ben never developed a sense of inferiority. In fact, his loyalty and fearlessness in the face of danger serve him well during the many challenges of the Vermillion Squadron.

Battroid Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Ben-Dixon-Battroid-Front-Face.png

Battroid Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Ben-Dixon-Battroid-Marker.png

Gerwalk Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Ben-Dixon-Gerwalk-Front-Face.png

Gerwalk Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Ben-Dixon-Gerwalk-Marker.png

Fighter Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Ben-Dixon-Fighter-Front-Face.png

Fighter Base Card - https://www.worldofjaymz.ca/rtxwing/Ben-Dixon-Fighter-Marker.png

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