The WSP-1A Wasp was the first recon 'Mech to be mass-produced for the Terran military. Since its initial production in 2471, the 'Mech has spread to all parts of Human-occupied space. Old Star League records show that thousands of Wasps were constructed in the four centuries preceding the Succession Wars. Though many of these have worn out or been destroyed, estimates show that more than half this total is still in operation. Further, some Wasp designs are still being constructed in some areas of the Successor States. The large number of Wasps available for use should ensure that it remains among the main light recon 'Mechs of the Successor States for centuries to come.

The Wasp design has always been used for general scouting and reconnaissance duty. Far too lightly armed and armored for battle, its speed and maneuverability can generally keep it out of major confrontations.

Affiliation - Inner Sphere

Model Type - WSP-1A Wasp

Class - Light Battlemech

Crew - 1

MDC By Location

Head/Cockpit - 95

Reinforced Pilots Compartment - 150

Main Torso - 300

Arms - 100ea

Hand - 50

Legs - 150ea

Feet - 85

Medium Laser - 30

SRM2 - 25

Note - the head can only be hit by a called shot and is -3 to strike.

Armour - stops up to and including all standard 7.62mm rounds


Running - 95.1 kph

Jump - 180m


Weight - 20 Tons

PS - Robotic 20

Cargo - Minimal space for peronal items and weapons

Power System - GM 120 Fusion Engine


Weapon Type - Medium Laser (1 right arm)

Range - 900m

Damage - 2d4x10

Rate Of Fire - 4 per melee

Payload - na

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - SRM 2 (1 left leg)

Range - 900m

Damage - 5d6+2

Rate Of Fire - 4 per melee

Payload - 50

Bonuses - na

Bonuses and Penalties

Use Robot Combat Training

Lift - 10 tons, Carry - 5 tons

Punch - 1d4

Restrained Punch - 4d4 sdc

Kick - 1d6

Body Block - 1d4/2

Systems of Note

Combat Computer - Identifies friendly and enemy units, types, and classes. Range 3km

Radar - Detects friendly or enemy units in the surrounding area. Affected by terrain. range - 10km

Target Interlocking Circuits - These allow you to link weapons together in order to fire them at the same time. Each weapon still needs a separate to-hit roll. This system give syou 3 "circuits" to set up which can be rearranged as needed at teh cots of 2 melee actions.

Damage Monitor - This system gives the pilot a detailed reading of their units status and damage situation including ammunition counters and diagnostics. It can also give a rough readout of enemy units status in regards tho their damage and functionality status.

Ejection System - Once the head is reduced to zero and the pilots compartment is reduced to zero, the pilot is automatically ejected in order to save them. Once propelled skyward out of the ruined mech, they parachute safely to the ground.

References Used

Battletech Technical Manual 3025 (FASA)

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