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"Now I've told you this once before, You can't control me"

Women in gaming, and the issues they face, is something I wanted to discuss the moment I decided to do this podcast series.

Now I will make it very clear that MANY women do not face any issues at all and I consider those women to blessed and lucky because I dare say it is likely that just as many do be it RPGs, Wargames, Video Games, CCGs, and even current Board Gaming to some degree etc.

So in this episode I will discuss my history of my awareness of these issues, my more recent attempts at getting the discussion of it started, stories of some women I have spoken too, and why I am so behind dealing with this.

If nothing else I hope to open the eyes of some and make everyone more aware in their local gaming circles even if they think there is not an issue locally.

Also below is a number of links worth reading/watching etc that were the same ones I shared recently and further back in the past.


Episode 2 - Women in Gaming?!?! -

Into Clip - "I Stand Alone" By Godsmack

Outro Clip - "Honour Never Dies" By Hatebreed

Posted December 1 2019

Local Female Gamers Blog about the issue she faced at a local con -

Her follow up -

The Trio of Articles by Kate Bullock, Current President of the Independent Gamers Development Network:

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Part Three

Video - How to get women into wargaming -

Video - Ideas to welcome more women into wargaming -

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Articles about Southpark and Girls in Gaming:

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