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Welcome to the Worldofjaymz Wiki

The home of all that is from Jaymz. Opinions, gaming material and lists of favourites. Come enjoy and learn about Jaymz and other things like Star Wars, Robotech and more.

About Me -

Tidbits about me.

Contact and Social Media Info -

How to contact me

My Gaming Material -

This is where all my gaming stuff generally is. It is mostly palladium stats conversions but there are things for other games there.

Mecha FanPress - Mecha FanPress

A homage and fan continuation of the old Mecha Press Magazine.

The Palladium Files Podcast -

My......randomly recorded podcast.

Gamez According To Jaymz -

A podcast about my gaming and other gaming things in general.

Web Resouces -

A listing of other web sites that are gaming related.

Web Archives -

An archive of gaming resources that have since disappeared or gone inactive online.

Members Contributions -

A bunch of stuff by other people archived for ease of access.

Video Archives -

Just some neat videos I had.

Space Station Liberty -

A "setting" of sorts.

Counters - Pseudo 3d paper counters for gaming -

Paper "miniatures"

Alternate Robotech - A combination of Palladium's Mechanoids, Myrmidon's Manhunter, Robotech and all things Macross -

My take an alternate history for Robotech using and including Mechanoids, Man Hunter, Macross (main timeline), and Macross II

Palladium Book Reviews -

My take on various books (there's a big one review there right now)

UES Dixon Campaign -

A Robotech Campaign that stalled.