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<u>'''Web Archives'''</u> -
<u>'''Web Archives'''</u> -
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Welcome to the Worldofjaymz Wiki

The home of all that is from Jaymz. Opinions, gaming material and lists of favourites. Come enjoy and learn about Jaymz and other things like Star Wars, Robotech and more.

Just click one of the categories below (or at the bottom of the page) to start searching for information. :)

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Note - All stats and OCC's below are done so to be used with my house rules. Some pages MAY have notes with regards to using them with the rules as they are published but those will be in the minority.

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Latest Updates


Added Madox-01 and AV-98 Ingram to the Anime Section for Palladium

Added PA-06 SAMAS to the Rifts section for West End Games D6.

Added what I have archived of other peoples material (new and old) online so far to the Web Achives section. Include a couple of Palladium/Rifts things, quite a bit of Robotech and a few Star Wars D6 items to teh Web Archives Section.

Added what there was of the Member Contributions from my personal forums to the Member Contributions section.

Added the VF-0, VF-1, VF-5 and Tomahawk to teh Robotech/Macross section for Mekton Zeta.

Added the F-15C, F-16C, F/A-18C and F-22 to teh Real World section for mekton Zeta.


Added an Expanded Skill List to the Rules/Modifications section for Palladium.

Added the invid Scout/Armoured Scout, Robotech Masters' Soldier Bioroid (Blue), Bioroid Hoversled, RDF/REF Body Armour, Zentraedi RCC, Z-2 Officer Pod and Z-1 Battlepod to the Robotech section for Palladium.

Modified all of the Zentraedi mecha in the Robotech section for Palladium to have "Typical Combat Statistics" for use in combat against the Player Characters.

Added the RX-78-2 Gundam and MS-06F Zaku II to the Gundam Section for Palladium

Added the SBB Yamato and SBB Borodino Classes of Space Battleship tot eh Starblazer section for Palladium.


Added Equipment Changes to RUE/RMB to the Rules/Modifications section for Palladium.


Added the Micronian Mk IV Power Armour (based on an image from the Imai Files) to the Robotech section for Palladium.


Added MBR-13 Salamander, VF-7 Sylphid and VCC-7 Strike Garland to the Robotech section for Palladium.


Added the VF-8 Logan, VFS-8 Super Logan, VFH-10 AGAC and VHT-1/1A1 Spartas to the Robotech section for Palladium.

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