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Latest Updates

03-24-12 to 03-25-12


All of my Palladium Rules additions and modifications.

Robotech and Macross (Palladium) - Regult Battlepod

Macross (Palladium) - VF-25F Messiah

Macross DYRL-verse (Palladium) - VF-XX


all vehicle and mecha to include their systems and more specific as to the bonuses they receive.

03-17-12 :

Edited the main page to have the categories more divided up so to speak. Also added the remainder of the categories needed so as to not have to add them later.

03/07/12 - 03/14/12 :


Robotech (Palladium) - VF/A-6 Alpha

Macross - VF-11 Thunderbolt, YF-19 Super Nove Prototype

Macross DYRL-verse - VF-2JA Icarus, VA-1SS Metal Siren, VF-2SS Valkyrie II


VF-1 Valkyrie for Macross, Macross DYRL-verse and Robotech.

MBR-04 Tomahawk for Macross, Macross DYRL-verse and Robotech.

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